Friday, November 30, 2012


fruit in chinese lessons


  1. I want to learn how to do these colores is that water paint I just bough a new picture journal and I was to do these painting in my journal and learn stuff to put in my journal that mixed media. MaryRedford

  2. Mary- I am actually only now teaching myself watercolors. I have read a bunch of books on the subject and I keep looking at websites and blogs about painting. I've been playing with mixed media for a lot longer, but again I just kind of play with random materials until I make something I like. I just take lots of mental pictures when I see things I like. Often they will show up in some card in the future.

    I find working in a book stressful because I'm always worried I will mess up. I like working on sheets of paper or Bristol board because I can always try again.

    Good luck!